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F2D Year 11 Workshop

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Workshop Details

Based on research, evidence and best practice principles in the areas of behaviour change, peer facilitation, education, engagement with young people and appropriate road safety messages for the target audience, Since the launch of the current program in 2014 F2D workshops have delivered to over 85,000 Year 11 Victorian students (December 2017)

Delivered by university students who have undertaken VicRoads training program, F2D provides a peer facilitation model encouraging engagement and participation in the half day workshop

A key point of difference of the F2D workshop is the focus on the behaviour and responsibilities of all road users, F2D workshops do not utilise any scare tactics or driving instruction, and the development of a personal safety plan encourages young people to consider how they will travel at all times and in particular what they will do if they faced with a risky situation or are feeling unsafe